Elecnor Deimos Partners Up with SkyLabs for Small Satellites Production

22nd Mar 2022
Elecnor Deimos Partners Up with SkyLabs for Small Satellites Production

The European technology group, Elecnor Deimos, signed an agreement to utilise SkyLab’s Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and On-Board Computer (OBC) in their Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS). This technology will find use in sat4EO (a satellite programme for Earth Observation) and the Incubed project, launched by the European Space Agency (ESA). But the primary aim of Elecnor Deimos’ work on the AOCS technology for mini and microsats is to provide the LEO and Earth Observation projects and commercial missions with high stability systems. Skylab’s innovations in solutions for data handling in products like picoRTU and NANOhpm-OBC make it possible to customise AOCS for many different small satellite projects. 

Elecnor Deimos’ and Skylab’s First Collaboration Marks the Beginning of a Lasting Partnership

Both NANOhpm-OBC and picoRTU were developed by SkyLab in response to precisely identified market needs. The two critical elements that SkyLab will provide to Elecnor Deimos (picoRTU and NANOhpm-OBC) were also built with the help of the General Support and Technology Programme in ESA. So SkyLab has demonstrated that it can provide cost-efficient and dependable technologies to its customers in the small satellites niche. They’ve shown themselves as a trustworthy partner that Elecnor Deimos can work with in the future as well. And there shouldn’t be any shortage of new projects. Elecnor Deimos has operated for two decades and has developed numerous space solutions that can find use in commercial products. 

Both Elecnor Deimos and SkyLabs: Experienced Space-Technology Developers 

SkyLabs was created in 2015 to provide custom solutions for space-ground segment communication, signal processing, fault-tolerant software/hardware, and more. They put out high-quality products that meet the standards for the small satellite industry and equip their systems with everything necessary to operate in the unsafe environment in space. Elecnor Deimos, established in 2001, is also an experienced enterprise, having fulfilled over 500 contracts with various agencies, including NASA and ESA, to build space-related tools and technologies. 

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