Chris Larmour

Chris Larmour is the CEO of Orbital Express Launch Ltd. (aka Orbex Space).
He founded the company along with Kristian Von Bengtson, initially calling the company Moonspike Ltd.
Originally they tried to crowdfund to send a rocket to the moon, but failed to achieve their target.
Eventually Chris Larmour and Kristian Von Bengtson changed the company name and eventually they were successful in raising UK Government funding to build their Prime rocket and launch it from a launchpad in Sutherland, Scotland.

Chris Larmour isn’t from an aerospace or engineering background, but has been in a number of senior roles across communications businesses including SwissQual and Actix. His work has mostly been in marketing within those companies. He was Chief Marketing Officer at Celcite before joining Moonspike.

Prior to Celcite he was also CMO of SwissQual and previously Actix (2006-2010)

He did not attend university after leaving school, but acquired an MBA in Business Management in 2004 at the age of 36, which involves a 1 year online course.

It’s not clear what Chris Larmour did between leaving education in 1986 and 2003 when he acquired his MBA in Business Management online, but given the direction he followed, it is likely he was in a military role, most probably in a Signals Regiment. This would explain the expensive online course in 2003 as it is quite standard practice in certain aspects of military to put time-served personnel through further education upon leaving. This sort of military service would also give a good understanding of satellite communications.

Chris lives permanently in Munich, Germany.