Spire Global, Inc., shortly known as Spire, is a data analytics company offering space-to-cloud global tracking. To provide high-end analytics to both businesses and governments, Spire relies on its own constellation of nanosatellites. With 140 spacecraft to date, Spire’s fleet is the second-largest constellation of satellites owned by a private company with the largest number of sensors.

Spire’s history began in San Francisco in 2012, and after a decade of steady growth, the company is justly considered one of the leading EOS analytics providers worldwide. Spire employs different established launch operators, such as Arianespace and Rocket Lab, to launch its in-house built nanosatellites.

Spire keeps developing rapidly, and its publicly available stock grows along with the company. This page will keep you updated on all the latest Spire news, missions, and developments.