Rocket Launch

Launch ambitions around the world will see a rise in the number of satellites being sent into orbit quite significantly.

The UK is embarking on the creation of a commercial launch industry with spaceports being proposed across the country. Three vertical launch sites have been identified across the Scottish Highlands with Sutherland, Western Isles & Shetlands Islands all hosting potential vertical launch sites.

There are also a handful of horizontal launch sites being proposed across the UK with the most prominent being Virgin Orbit horizontal launch facility at Spaceport Cornwall.

The USA is already way down the line with its own launch industry, with SpaceX, Blue Origin and Rocket Lab already operating a launch program. Other countries across Europe will also see newly created launch facilities as the race to dominate the launch business continues at a pace.

Every rocket launch today attracts the attention of millions of space enthusiasts across the entire globe. Giants dealing with space cargo deliveries, such as SpaceX and ISAR Aerospace, and smaller companies, dealing with lightweight carriers, like Rocket Lab and Skyrora, keep people eager for their latest tech and developments.

Every successful rocket launch, be it large or small, is a step towards successful space exploration. A variety of government agencies, along with private aerospace companies, are collaborating on multiple space exploration missions.

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