SISAC to boost Scotland’s Plans in Space

5th Jan 2023
SISAC to boost Scotland’s Plans in Space

Scotland’s desire to become Europe’s leading space sector nation was bolstered on 2nd January 2023. A new crack squad consisting of some of the most pre-eminent minds in the industry, who are already part of the Scottish Government’s GlobalScot programme, is being created under the title of The Scotland International Space Advisory Committee (SISAC).

SISAC aims to identify opportunities for growth and investment in the Scottish space sector and to help claim a £4 billion piece of the international NewSpace pie. It is believed that the resulting investment will directly assist the economic growth of the region, in part, by creating 20,000 jobs.

Scottish space launch and SISAC

There are currently two space launch sites preparing for lift-off into orbit in 2023. SaxaVord Spaceport in Shetland is developing a pair of launchpads and a ground station at Lamba Ness in a plan to host the first vertical launch from UK soil. And hot on their heels is Space Hub Sutherland, which is preparing a 10-acre site to facilitate up to 12 vertical launches per year. 

The missions from Scottish soil will take small satellites into orbit for private and public organisations from around the world. The Glasgow region is already the largest producer of satellites in Europe and as launch facilities develop, more space industry startups and relocations should emerge across the country. SISAC will strengthen these connections.

Why Scotland has the NewSpace edge

There’s a large shortfall in the number of satellite launches that are required compared to the number of launches available each year. Geographically, Scotland presents a short trajectory directly into Low Earth Orbit and could help meet the unquenchable thirst for space data throughout the world. Not only will launch vehicles arrive and deploy their payloads faster and more economically than before but missions should also enjoy higher rates of success thanks to covering shorter distances. SISAC should help leverage this advantage.

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