Space Tech Expo

Space Tech Expo is the largest European space conference, established in 2021. In 2021, the event was sponsored by several UK and European companies, including D-Orbit, Exolaunch, OHB System AG, and Telespazio. Other Space Tech Expo supporters included Aerospace TechWeek, Eurisy, GeoConnexion, and many others.

Among the most pressing topics raised during the Space Tech Expo is moving towards space sustainability, addressing the pressing issue of space debris, and, of course, innovating the space industry.

In 2022, the Space Tech Expo will return to Bremen on 15-17 November. The event will host thousands of attendees from leading space countries, offering an amazing networking opportunity for everyone engaged in the space industry. The sponsors and the speakers have not been fully announced yet, but this page will keep you posted on all Space Tech Expo news and updates as they arrive.