Earth observation

In an era where climate change is one of the most discussed topics around the world, Earth Observation has become one of the most critical requirements in the bid to prevent further decline of Earth’s atmosphere.

The ability to monitor Earth’s oceans, its rainforests, weather patterns and global temperatures is only made possible by the existence of Earth Observation satellites. Such satellites can now be made far more complex than ever before and can be fitted with some very specific sensors to allow more detailed data to be gathered.

The ability to obtain larger amounts of data and at a faster speed means that we can monitor the earth far more effectively and efficiently than previously. Our Earth Observation efforts are now deemed crucial to the global focus on tackling climate change.

This year seen some of the highest temperatures ever recorded on Earth as well as an increased amount of floods and forest fires around the world. This has now brought us to a point where Earth Observation is now a crucial aspect of the global emergency we are currently dealing with.