Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is a US-based company founded by a British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. The company builds commercial spacecraft and focuses on making suborbital tourist flights. 2021 can justly be considered the age of space tourism, and Virgin Galactic, together with Blue Origin and SpaceX, had a huge role to play in this major development.

The main thing that makes Virgin Galactic different from other space tourism operators is its unique air-launch technology. A carrier plane, White Knight Two, takes Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft VSS Unity to the air, after which the space capsule is released at a required altitude.

Virgin Galactic’s debut flight happened in 2018, but it took another three years before the company could carry out its first crewed mission. This page will keep you informed about the latest Virgin Galactic news, and given the company’s dedication, there should be quite a lot of them.