OHB Space

OHB Space is a subsidiary of OHB SE, based in Bremen, Germany.

The company’s space entity claim to be the third largest of its kind in Europe.

OHB have been in the ownership of the Fuchs family since the 1980s when Christa and Manfred Fuchs took over the business.

As of 2019, OHB declared revenues of just over 1 billion euros and nearly 3,000 employees across 10 locations.

OHB Systems AG was founded in 1958. The company name is an acronym of Otto Hydraulic Bremen as a maritime outfitter.

Christa and Manfred Fuchs got involved with the company in 1981 when it was a very small company with only 5 employees. Manfred Fuchs took over the company completely in 1985. Under the Fuchs family the business changed its focus onto satellite and aviation technology.