About us

We have been writing about various aspects of Science for decades and more recently have focused specifically on Space as we see this area of Science becoming increasingly important for the future of life on our planet.

Satellites are more important to us than ever before. As we see more dramatic weather events due undoubtedly to climate change and it is the role of satellites that can help us to monitor and react to such change. The same can be said of Amazon rainforest fires or ocean plastics or even farming crops that can all be monitored and analysed with satellite technology.

As a group of individuals, we will monitor the evolution of this industry across the UK and Europe with the occasional news article relevant to specific sites, groups or individuals involved in this industry.

The team at Orbital Today is formed out of a group of individuals with an interest in the future of the Space Industry. With a very specific focus on the UK and Europe. Our experience as a group is varied and collectively we can cover a wide range of topics in this sphere.

There is a particular interest in the newfound ambitions of some countries to enter Space for the first time from home soil or to accelerate what they are already doing. The UK is of great interest as its history took it to a very advanced stage. And was very rapidly dropped. As a result, the country never actually launched rockets from its own soil. This is all about to change as Great Britain reaches the advanced stages of building its own Space Industry.

We hope to keep you informed as all of this develops.