Astra Space

Astra Space Inc. is a US-based aerospace company that specializes in building launch vehicles. Astra Space is based in California and was founded by Chris Kemp and Adam London in 2016. The company carried out several unsuccessful test launches of its in-house rocket between 2018 and 2020. In late 2020, Astra’s Rocket 3.2 successfully launched but did not achieve its goal of reaching orbit.

Astra Space went public in early 2021 and, later that year, carried out a test launch of its Rocket 3.3. This launch also failed to reach orbit after encountering technical problems. In November 2021, an updated version of Rocket 3.3 was launched from the company’s Alaska launch site and successfully arrived in orbit. In recent Astra Space news, the company is also developing a satellite bus for transporting multiple payloads.