Satellite launches

The number of satellite launches has increased dramatically over the past years — mostly thanks to private space companies that have managed to reduce satellite size and cost. Since the first satellite launch in 1957, roughly 60-100 new satellites were annually launched into orbits.

As of 2020, the number of companies that launch satellites have increased. In 2020, 1300 satellites were launched into calculated orbits, and 2021 has beaten this record with 1400 satellite launches.

The most active spacecraft that orbit our planet are Earth observation satellites providing analytics on various processes, including climate, weather, logistics, transportation, and communication. We rely on satellites for various daily processes, from making phone calls to paying with our credit cards.

Right now, several private companies with SpaceX at the lead are building satellite constellations to provide Internet access to remote areas, so our dependence on space tech will keep growing.

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