Beauty of the Pink Moon And Lyrid Meteor Shower in This Week’s Best Astrophotos [19-26 April]

26th Apr 2024
Beauty of the Pink Moon And Lyrid Meteor Shower in This Week’s Best Astrophotos [19-26 April]

Two major events took place in space last week: a pink full moon and the Lyrid meteor shower. Of course, all astrophotographers could not miss the opportunity to photograph these wonders, and we could not help but collect the best astrophotos.

Let’s start with a photo of our natural satellite: there were a lot of them, so the choice was difficult. April’s Pink Full Moon is called so not because of its colour but because it coincides with the blooming of pink flowers, particularly wild ground phlox, in North America. However, it looks pink in some shots and even yellow, silver, and white through the prism of the photographer’s vision.

Almost Full Pink Moon

almost full Pink moon
Credit: @jaythegrumpy

Here is “April’s almost full Pink moon, rising through the clouds,” as the author has written on his X (former Twitter). In this one of the best astrophotos, the craters are very clearly visible, and the moon itself looks perfect and exquisite.

Full Moon Over Libya

Full Moon over Libya
Credit: Ahmida Mohamed

This stunning astrophoto, captured against the backdrop of Tripoli’s skyline on the evening of 23rd April, transports us into the heart of celestial wonder. The moon shines like a bright yellow lamp.

“Full Moon. Libya, Tripoli tonight 23-4-2024,” – the photographer briefly signed his photo on Facebook.

Enchanting Full Moon

Enchanting full moon
Credit: @AstroCarone

“I really want to get into more of Lunar photography. It’s fun. This is probably my best to date!” – the author has written on X (former Twitter). And we absolutely agree that this one from the best astrophotos is truly amazing. Keep on taking more astrophotos, @AstroCarone!

White And Black Full Moon

White and black full moon
Credit: Doug Haskell

“Playing with my new camera tonight. Probably one of my best moon shots so far,” Doug Haskell has shared on Facebook.

This black and white photo of the moon favourably highlights our natural satellite against the background of the sky and allows you to see every detail of it.

Gold Full Moon

gold full moon
Credit: @the_moon_lovers

And here the moon shines, as if someone showered it with yellow and gold glitter. The clouds on his background also seem golden. Great work!

Pink Full Moon Over the Philippines

pink full moon over Philippines
Credit: SpaceTime

Here is one of the best astrophotos of the Pink Moon taken from the Philippines. Whether it is the skilful hand of the photographer who took and processed this photo or the play of light, looking at it, you will definitely not confuse a pink moon with, for example, a snow moon!

April Pink Full Moon

April pink full moon
Credit: @jaythegrumpy

“Tonight’s moon. #PinkMoon #MoonHour,” the author has written under his post with this enchanting astrophoto of the moon.

Yellow April Full Moon

Yellow april full moon
Credit: Lourenz Rico

One more bright yellow moon on this photograph. Looking like a huge round piece of cheese, isn’t it?

Full Pink Moon Rising At Stonehenge

Full Pink Moon rising at Stonehenge

“April’s Full Pink Moon rising at Stonehenge last night. Зhoto credit Stonehenge Dronescapes on FB,” the authors of @ST0NEHENGE page on Facebook have signed this one from the best astrophotos.

Pink Moon Is On Its Way Above The Mountains

Pink Moon is on its way above the mountains
Credit: @NASAMoon

“A pink Moon is on its way. Many cultures name full moons to mark the passage of time. Pink flowers coming into bloom in the northern hemisphere lend their name to the April full moon. This full moon also marks the start of Passover,” @NASAMoon have shared on Facebook.

And it is definitely the best view of the pink moon matching a great landscape and pink flowers symbolizing it, do you agree?

Now, let’s move to the best astrophotos of the Lyrid meteor shower. There are much fewer of them than photos of the moon, but they are no less spectacular.

The Lyrid meteor shower is an annual event which occurs when the Earth passes through the debris trail left behind by Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher. These meteors are remnants of the comet’s nucleus. They appear as bright streaks of light across the night sky when they burn up upon entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Lyrid Meteor Shower And Milky Way

Lyrids and Milky Way
Credit: @MrJupiterSaturn
Lyrids and Milky Way-2
Credit: @MrJupiterSaturn

“I captured two meteors of the Lyrid meteor shower, and I am happy as the meteors were faint due to the moon and a bit of Milky Way, too,” @MrJupiterSaturn has shared on his Facebook.

Lyrids Above Maryland

Lyrids above Maryland
Credit: @MyDronePro

“The Lyrid #Meteor shower peaked last night. The radiant, or the area in the sky where the Lyrids appear to come, is near the Lyra constellation. This one was filmed over Olney, Maryland,” the author has written on Facebook.

Meteor Over Mount Fuji

Meteor over Mount Fuji
Credit: @JamesLucasIT

A spectacular meteor over Mount Fuji by H. Manabe.

Thanks to all the astrophotographers who shared their work this week so we could enjoy a selection of the best astrophotos of the sky events!

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