Seradata and Numerica SDA Purchases Give Slingshot SSA Suite

9th Aug 2022
Seradata and Numerica SDA Purchases Give Slingshot SSA Suite

Slingshot Aerospace Inc announced on 3rd August that they have bought Seradata and Numerica’s Space Domain Awareness (SDA) division. Seradata is based in the UK.

Slingshot Aerospace Inc is a business building space analytics and simulation products with the objective of accelerating space sustainability. Their purchase of the SDA division at Numerica gives them unique capacities. SDA is not only the first commercial low Earth orbit (LEO) to geosynchronous orbit (GEO) night-time and day-time optical sensor network in the world for the purpose of satellite tracking, it is the only one. 

Slingshot have also purchased Seradata, which is based in the UK. The purchase brings the business’s sector-leading SpaceTrak launch and satellite database into Slingshot’s portfolio. Slingshot can now establish the business’s footprint within the European and UK markets.

Seradata and SDA add sustainability to the space economy

Both purchases will help accelerate Slingshot’s capability to push the space economy forward to a place of greater sustainability. Launch and satellite operators will benefit from easier access to the most authoritative and robust space traffic coordination and space situational awareness (SSA) solutions on the market today.

Talking about the acquisitions, Melanie Stricklan, CEO and co-founder, Slingshot Aerospace, said the following:

“We are constantly improving our customers’ abilities to monitor, simulate, and optimize their space flight operations.

“By merging the unique capabilities of Numerica and Seradata with those of Slingshot, we are creating a first-of-its-kind, unified platform – providing our customers with the most holistic and robust insights available.

“In addition to more than tripling the size of our team over the last year, we are rocketing forward with this game-changing suite of products that enable a more sustainable and responsible approach to space operations today and in the future.”

Tim Fuller, Managing Director at Seradata, added that the resulting offering will help the industry. The resulting operations insight will enable top-tier decision making with data and analytics.

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