Have You Seen That? 4K Satellite Footage of Solar Eclipse & Volcano Eruption by UK Company!

23rd Apr 2024
Have You Seen That? 4K Satellite Footage of Solar Eclipse & Volcano Eruption by UK Company!

Have you ever marvelled at the majesty of a solar eclipse or the raw power of a volcanic eruption from space? Once reserved for the fortunate few, these extraordinary moments are now brought to life for all to behold through breathtaking 4K satellite footage! All of that is thanks to the pioneering work of a UK company called SEN.

Bringing Space Down to Earth

SEN is on a mission to make videos of our planet universally accessible and useful. By utilising micro-satellites and hosted cameras, they stream near real-time videos and information about Earth directly to people, empowering space communities and inspiring global change. There is a huge chance you saw in social media their (and the world’s first) jaw-dropping 4K video of a solar eclipse from a satellite.

Credits: Sen’s Youtube Channel

It’s not the only video that can amaze space enthusiasts. How about volcano eruption in Iceland, 4K satellite footage of Western Greenland, Cape Canaveral launch, UK & the moon, the view of Italy at night from space? It looks as gorgeous as it sounds.

How Is It Captured?

SEN’s first satellite, ETV-A1, is equipped with advanced 4K cameras capable of live streaming over ground stations. Currently, SEN is working on deploying more satellites for Low Earth Orbit to improve revisit rates and capture even more breathtaking footage. The company hopes to inspire Earth’s population and monitor environmental changes through their coverage.

Credits: Sen’s Youtube Channel

The company’s next mission, SpaceTV-1, promises an exhilarating experience for viewers worldwide. Scheduled to go live in June, this mission entails a continuous 24×7 live stream from a state-of-the-art 4K camera system affixed to the exterior of the International Space Station. Launched aboard the NASA SpaceX CRS-30 commercial resupply mission on March 21, the SpaceTV-1 payload eagerly awaits deployment outside the station by the robotic Canadarm.

SEN's 4K camera
Sen’s 4K camera system launched aboard a SpaceX supply ship on 21 March 2024, headed for the International Space Station. Credits: https://www.sen.com

Once operational, viewers will be treated to two distinct perspectives of Earth – the breathtaking horizon and the captivating nadir—along with glimpses of the forward-facing Harmony docking port. Get ready to embark on an unprecedented journey through the cosmos!

A Vision for Tomorrow

SEN’s videos are freely available for everyone to watch. Head over to www.sen.com to register for free and explore the wonders of our planet from space.

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