Best astrophotos of the week

Space has always attracted people with its mysterious objects: stars, planets, nebulae. In ancient eras, talented artists endeavoured to replicate their beauty using paints.

Today, advancements in technology, including telescopes and cameras, empower us to delve into and record the captivating wonders of space. Amateur photographers all over the world capture breathtaking astrophotography images.

The global community of amateur astrophotographers utilizes social media platforms like Facebook and X (Twitter) to share their works, exchange tips and techniques, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. All other users get a unique chance to witness amazing photos of space objects, rocket launches, shooting stars, solar and lunar eclipses and other events in hot pursuit.

Our weekly collection of the best astrophotos is based on our subjective perception of beauty and artistry in astrophotography. It serves as a platform to showcase the most remarkable images and make them accessible to a wider audience.