Blue Origin Space Tourist Seat Auction Has Numerous Terms and Conditions

17th May 2021
Blue Origin Space Tourist Seat Auction Has Numerous Terms and Conditions

The first space tourist mission is getting very close, thanks to Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ company. Plans are underway to conduct the initial Blue Origin’s space tourist seat auction in 2021. The intention is to send the New Shepard 6-seater rocket with passengers into space.

To date, the New Shepard spacecraft has flown 15 missions. The next one will come on the anniversary of the moon landing by Apollo 11 52 years ago. The company made an official announcement of the mission on 5th May 2021.

It was a momentous day for the industry since it marked the anniversary of the first human-crewed mission 60 years ago. Back then, astronaut Alan Shepard became the first person to reach the suborbital space.

Terms and Conditions of Blue Origin’s Space Tourist Seat Auction

The first look at the terms and conditions of the auction is an eye-opener. Simply becoming the highest bidder won’t win anyone a seat on the rocket. Every participant must meet set requirements, including being between 5ft and 6ft tall.

Additionally, any aspiring astronaut must weigh between 110lbs and 223lbs. Also, participants can only dress in a one-piece uniform, and they must fit in it. The chosen candidates should also be capable of clambering the launch tower in a set amount of time.

Every person who gets a chance to win the Blue Origin’s space tourist auction must walk well and fast on uneven surfaces. Moreover, each must be able to sit in a reclined position during the required time. It is also crucial not to be afraid of heights.

Lastly, everyone on the mission must be fast in strapping and unstrapping seat belts. Also, no participant in Blue Origin’s space tourist seat auction should be claustrophobic.

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