Exciting Times in UK’s Space Tourism: Barry Shanks & David Doughty Launch First Orbit Travel Agency

1st Jul 2021
Exciting Times in UK’s Space Tourism: Barry Shanks & David Doughty Launch First Orbit Travel Agency

As flights to orbit become more accessible, more people are looking into space tourism. The increasing interest has led to the creation of the first space tourism agency, RocketBreaks. Barry Shanks and David Doughty, the founders, have experience spanning more than 18 years in the travel industry.

Customers who choose RocketBreaks will get all-inclusive packages and services. This includes training before travelling into orbit, meals, and flight coordination. Additionally, there are day space trips, station hotel stays, and weightlessness experiences.

All this is thanks to the growing interest for the UK’s space tourism industry. A waiting list is available at the travel agency for any person who’d want such offers in the future.

The Future of the Travel Industry is Space Tourism

During the launch, Doughty emphasised the future of the industry lies in such ventures. The two founders saw a niche and opted to go for it before others come in.

The early entry will ensure RocketBreaks sets itself up as the go-to agency in the world. Currently, there’s increasing excitement and buzz about the future of the industry. Companies like Virgin Galactic are set to launch commercial flights in 2022.

July 20 will go down in history as Jeff Bezos, his brother, the crew, and the first-ever space tourist ascend to orbit. This would be the first flight of such a kind, and it will mark the start of the new exciting chapter in the tourism industry.

There’s an intention to open a luxury space hotel dubbed ‘Aurora Station,’ though the future of the project is unclear for now. Nevertheless, such excitement in space tourism is the fuel behind the launch of RocketBreaks.

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