Oneweb Starlink Interference and New UK Government’s Rules to Avoid It

6th Aug 2021
Oneweb Starlink Interference and New UK Government’s Rules to Avoid It

The Government of the UK is concerned with the possible Oneweb Starlink interference between each others’ signals and the signals of other LEO satellite-broadband internet units.

Ofcom Stands Its Ground: Rules and Starlink Oneweb Requirements Must Be Changed

Ofcom, the UK’s Office of Communication, has conducted the report in which it explains all the concerns in this respect. As a result, the communications regulator offers a new set of rules that will allow it to escape the OneWeb Starlink interference. These rules are aimed at eliminating such possibilities and finding maximum agreement between different systems’ user terminals.

In addition, Ofcom has decided to adjust some frequency requirements in the licenses Starlink and OneWeb have already received to let them coexist with no trouble. The regulator claims that the industry will eventually stop developing because of the lack of competition. According to the official source, new Starlink and OneWeb competitors will be excluded from the market. On the other hand, this is a two-way road. That’s why the existing system will suffer too.

Why the Threat of OneWeb Starlink Interference Appeared

Both Starlink and OneWeb represent non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) systems, more complicated than the conventional geostationary ones. Such satellites move across the skies, and their dishes have to trace them. Besides, the number of new satellites launched every day is ever-increasing. This means that two operators can show up in the same spot and at the same time. This occurrence will lead to a so-called in-line effect, which is, in fact, a rather dangerous interference.

What Are the Possible Outcomes for OneWeb Competitors in Satellite Internet?

If Starlink Oneweb interference influences the gateway, it’ll lead to inevitable consequences for more than one user. Every gateway delivers connections to several, if not several hundred, users, so such troubles resulting from Starlink Oneweb interference will be significant, for sure.

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