Jeff Bezos’ Brother, Mark, and Auction Winner to Take Part in New Shepard’s Human Flight

19th Jun 2021
Jeff Bezos’ Brother, Mark, and Auction Winner to Take Part in New Shepard’s Human Flight

Recently, Jeff Bezos announced that he would be joining the space tourism auction winner in space. Accompanying the two will be the Blue Origin founder’s brother. The news had a positive effect as many more people sent in their bids for a seat in the craft.

After the auction is complete, the announcement of the winner will go live. Then, the three people on board will spend 3 minutes in zero gravity. After that, the crew will have to strap in before descending back to Earth.

The mission for Blue Origin is to conduct many more space tourism experiences in the future. The auction is open to every person with the financial capability to bid. However, there is a specific criteria one has to meet before going on the New Shepard’s human flight.

Details of the New Shepard’s Human Flight by Blue Origin

After the bidding closes and a winner is chosen, the next step will be the mission. On 20th July, the three people will board the spacecraft and get ready for the flight.

The launch will take place in West Texas. As the rocket ascends, the crew will remain pinned onto their seats until they reach the Earth’s orbit. Then they’ll experience zero gravity for 3 minutes before starting to descend back to Earth.

While in space, during their three minutes they will have time to unbuckle and move around the cabin. The area has large windows to catch a glimpse of the Earth and the surrounding black space.

Bezos is looking forward to a view of Earth from space that astronauts have described as ‘the overview effect.’ It will be the highlight of the space tourism experience.

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