Petition to Keep Jeff Bezos in Space After Blue Origin Launch Gathers Signatures

30th Jun 2021
Petition to Keep Jeff Bezos in Space After Blue Origin Launch Gathers Signatures

A petition posted on demanding that Jeff Bezos be kept in space following July’s Blue Origin launch has amassed over 100,000 signatures. “Billionaires should not exist … on earth, or in space,” states the description, with the petition addressed “to the proletariat.” The Amazon founder was named the second-richest person on the planet in May, thanks to a net worth estimated at $168 billion.

Blue Origin Launch Just Weeks Away

The petition arrives in the lead up to the Blue Origin launch of the company’s first manned space tourism expedition, which will be carrying six passengers people on board. Bezos will be joined by his brother, and the as-yet-unnamed winner of the $28 million bid for a seat aboard the New Shepard’s flight. The rest of the passenger list will be filled by three crew members.

Bezos Wealth Criticisms

Bezos has been the target of fierce criticism for his wealth. His so-called “stinginess” with his fortune has recently been thrown into sharp relief by the billions donated to charitable causes by his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott since their separation. Working conditions among Amazon staff have also been mentioned by the billionaire’s critics who argue that the Blue Origin launch is evidence of a striking wealth disparity with the workers who help make a profit for his company.

Landmark Year for Amazon Founder

The Blue Origin launch is not the only big departure coming up for Bezos. He will be stepping down as Amazon’s chief executive to take a seat at the head of the executive board. He’s stated that he wants to devote more time to charitable foundations, including the Bezos Earth Fund and Day 1 Fund, as well as pursuing his passion for space with Blue Origin. He recently took to Instagram to address his ambition to depart Earth, stating that it’s been his dream to go to space since he was five years old. With the Blue Origin launch due to make history as the first example of commercial space tourism, it seems that others will be able to fulfil these dreams as well.

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