Open Call for Proposals on 5G and Space by the UK Space Agency and DCMS

30th Jul 2020

The new 5G terrestrial network might be useful in several crucial economic areas of the UK. The UK Space Agency and DCMS urge companies to submit proposals to give ideas on how to use 5G.

The three bodies, including the UK Space Agency, have united in asking companies for suggestions and their take on how the network can be useful. The areas of focus are mostly the logistical businesses as per the UK’s Government Priorities.

Major examples given are ports, rails, and Amazon, among others. The Internet Of Things will also roll in as another significant benefit with the new 5G tech.

Why is Logistics the Focus of the UK Space Agency?

The focus area is logistics because it is the industry that makes sure things plus commodities are moving, including foods and medicine. 

The UK Space Agency, in conjunction with the DCMS and ESA, is seeking suggestions on the utilization of the 5G from any interested parties through their proposal.

The ESA Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, Magali Vaissiere said:

“In the context of the ESA 5G Strategic Programme Line, this Call for Proposals is intended to stimulate the emergence of sustainable applications relying on innovative 5G solutions, starting from the logistics sector.”

Catherine Mealing-Jones, the Director of Growth at the UK Space Agency, added that the current pandemic has shown that logistics is a vital resource to keep the country going. She went on to add that space technology will be key in making it happen. A new ‘Space tech incubation unit’ was opened in the last days of June, to help start-ups get their assistance. The UK Space Agency and the center, help innovators and entrepreneurs  in joining the growing space sector.

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