Bernie Sanders Critiques SpaceX and Blue Origin Owners for Mistreating NASA Budget

23rd May 2022
Bernie Sanders Critiques SpaceX and Blue Origin Owners for Mistreating NASA Budget

Sen. Bernie Sanders openly critiqued SpaceX and Blue Origin billionaire owners for treating the NASA budget as an ATM machine to fund their private space race. According to Sanders, two billionaires are just taking advantage of NASA’s funds to pursue more wealth in the stars. Sanders stresses that both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are worth over $450 billion combined.

Senator openly opposes NASA funding of $10 billion for the development of lunar landers (both SpaceX and Blue Origin bid for), stating that with 70+ million taxpayers in the US underinsured and around 600,000 more homeless, spending budget funds on fuelling some billionaire’s space hobby is not the right course of action.

SpaceX and Blue Origin Response to Critique

So far, neither Jeff Bezos from Blue Origin, nor Elon Musk from SpaceX has officially responded to the commentary. However, both billionaires had to previously answer similar accusations. Musk, in particular, has lashed out at Sanders multiple times, especially after the senator’s suggestion to impose a new tax on billionaires. “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive,” SpaceX owner said at the time.

Jeff Bezos from Blue Origin generally takes a more diplomatic approach, stating that people who point out pressing problems back on Earth are ‘largely right.’ However, Blue Origin owner is not ready to give up his space ambitions either, insisting that humanity should address both spheres.

Jeff Bezos and Musk’s Rivalry for NASA Budget

Despite the critique, SpaceX and Blue Origin rivalry over the NASA budget continues. The next lunar mission from NASA is due in 2025, and SpaceX has already won the contract for lunar lander development. Jeff Bezos tried to appeal this decision in court, but his plea was not successful. Still, Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin team do not despair, getting ready for more NASA contract bids and even deploying a satellite constellation to rival SpaceX.

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