Virgin Orbit Founder Richard Branson Announces his Recovery from Omicron Variant

18th Jan 2022
Virgin Orbit Founder Richard Branson Announces his Recovery from Omicron Variant

Virgin Orbit founder, Richard Branson, recently disclosed on his Twitter account that he had contracted the newest strand of the Covid 19 virus, Omicron. Branson explained that he and his family had contracted the virus and are experiencing mild symptoms, but overall feeling fine.

Virgin Founder urges people to get vaccinated

Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur and Virgin Orbit founder, took the chance to spread some Covid 19 awareness via his Twitter account, sharing his concern at the low number of vaccinated individuals in the United States.

Richard Branson stated that he is currently recovering from a mild COVID case. Virgin Orbit founder specified that he is fully vaccinated & boosted (urging everyone – where available – to do the same) and feeling fine. It seems Branson may have been exposed to the virus through his wife, who contracted the new strand first. He didn’t share an exact date or location of when she first came in contact.

Omicron variant more easily spread but less severe symptoms

The World Health Organisation stated earlier this month that the Omicron variant of the virus is much more easily spread than previous iterations. However, vaccinated individuals and those who’ve applied their vaccine boosters should experience mild symptoms that go away within a week or so. The World Health Organisation has urged the world to increase the number of vaccinated people per country so as to avoid further spread of the virus.

Besides acting as the founder of the aerospace company Virgin Orbit, Richard Branson remains one of several billionaire philanthropists who support the vaccination efforts and continuously urges his followers to get vaccinated and boosted.

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