Orbex Space Confirms Investment in Haas CNC Post-Processing Toolchain Machine

7th Feb 2022
Orbex Space Confirms Investment in Haas CNC Post-Processing Toolchain Machine

Already home to an enormous 3D printer, the Orbex Space factory has recently announced that they have added a new heavy-duty machine to their collection. The machine (a CNC post-processing toolchain centre) is due to help the company with the design and completion of multiple engines for large-scale launch crafts. Designed by Haas, the CNC Centre EC1600-ZT 5AX is one of the biggest post-processing centres manufactured by the company to date. Orbex Space will use the installation to streamline production and support the use of their 3D printer to create engines in a single process without the need for welding.

Orbex Streamline Post-Processing System with Investment in Haas Technology

Orbex Space already operates an incredibly technologically sophisticated system for designing spacecraft engines. Using their 3D printer, they are able to produce engines in one single metal piece rather than welding various parts together. These huge structures then need to be machined and finished for use, meaning that the factory needs a huge post-processing capacity to do this. The Haas CNC centre provides this with its enormous interior chamber and machining bed, 1270mm y-axis for vertical machining, and its 50-tool set. The impressive tool magazine also means that engines can be processed via a single, automated program, thereby streamlining and speeding up engine manufacture.

Orbex Use Post-Processing Toolchain Automation to Ensure Repeatability

One of the major benefits of the automated post-processing used by Orbex Space is the capacity for repeatability across a manufacturing series. This allows for the large-scale production of a single design and supports necessary testing processes. The Haas CNC is currently operational in the Orbex Space factory and is processing engine chambers.

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