Orbex Space Commissions Motive Offshore Group for Launch Platform Construction

28th Dec 2021
Orbex Space Commissions Motive Offshore Group for Launch Platform Construction

Orbex Space has started building a launch platform together with Motive Offshore Group. The platform, located near Kinloss, will be the first launch site since the Black Arrow programme, curtailed half a century ago.

Motive Offshore Group Responsible for Launch Platform Construction

Motive Offshore Group, commissioned by Orbex Space for launch platform construction, is a leading Scottish company specialising in marine and lifting equipment. The company responsible for the design and construction of the platform should build a state-of-the-art platform near Kinloss, where Orbex is headquartered.

The platform, called Orbex LP1, should become operational by 2022. The new launch platform is designed to support Orbex Prime rocket with a 150-kg payload capacity to LEO. The launches, however, will not take place in Kinloss, and the launch platform under construction will be designed for launch rehearsals. The actual Orbex Prime launches should take place in Space Hub Sutherland.

The new launch platform designed by Motive Offshore Group for Orbex Space will have a full infrastructure and should be built to support a variety of integration tests. It is stated to support all sorts of operations, including fueling and engine testing under firing conditions.

Orbex Space & the UK Space Agency on Space Hub Sutherland Progress

Space Hub Sutherland is the only spaceport in the UK that already has planning permission, so starting with the construction of a test launch platform for future spaceport operations makes perfect sense. As a reminder, Space Hub Sutherland should also become the first carbon-neutral spaceport in the world, and Orbex Space is planning on testing its eco-rocket Prime to get ready for upcoming launches, estimated for 2022.

Ian Annett, UK Space Agency CEO, complimented Orbex Space and Motive Offshore Grounds on starting a new launch platform construction, stating that this is a very exciting time for the UK space sector.

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