Satellites To Gather Geospatial Intelligence to Tackle Climate Change Challenge

21st Oct 2021
Satellites To Gather Geospatial Intelligence to Tackle Climate Change Challenge

The COP26 summit will be held this November to discuss the current state of the climate change challenge. Every year, representatives of all nations gather, in collaboration with the space industry, to analyze and discuss the state of the environment. This year, the Space & Geospatial Virtual Pavilion, organized by KTN, will explore the role of innovation, industrial growth, the age of satellites, and the impact that technology has on data collection.

Satellites will play a vital part in solving the climate change challenge

KTN will organize the 11-day Virtual Pavilion in collaboration with the UK Space Agency, Space4Climate, the European Space Agency, the Group on Earth Observation, and many others. Over 30 partners will join the virtual conference. The goal of the Pavilion is to unite the Space Industry under a single banner for the duration of the event in order for high-profile senior figures in government, academia, and industry to be able to share information freely.

Luca Bydello, curator of the Pavilion and Geospatial Knowledge Transfer Manager at KTN, spoke on the subject. Bydello believes that geospatial intelligence is crucial for addressing the climate change challenge since it is important to understand climate and industrial impacts not only worldwide but also locally. This is exactly where satellites and space tech come in.

Vice President of the United States, Al Gore will be a key speaker

Al Gore has been an avid defender of green and renewable energy for many years. The Vice President will address the summit regarding lowering CO2 emissions during satellites launches and the usage of satellites in clusters for data acquisition, potentially providing solutions for a climate change challenge.

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