UK Spaceport in Prestwick Benefits from £80 Million from the Ayrshire Growth Deal Funding

14th Dec 2020
UK Spaceport in Prestwick Benefits from £80 Million from the Ayrshire Growth Deal Funding

The Prestwick spaceport can now commence its development after signing a deal to receive a significant investment. All these fall under the AGDF (Ayrshire Growth Deal Funding) set to transform this UK spaceport. More than ever, the UK space industry is near its ultimate mission to send astronauts to space from launchpads within the country. 

Launching human-crewed rockets to space is to be part of Prestwick airport spaceport’s core services. It was recently stated by the UK government when it released a document detailing the purpose of this UK launch site. 

As per the South Ayrshire Council, the Prestwick launch site is proof that the area can handle such a grand plan. The council is determined to make this one of the most significant UK launch sites.

Funding from the AGFD is the catalyst this UK spaceport needed to set up a horizontal launch facility. It’ll be the first of its kind in Europe and provide the continent with many essential services surrounding the space industry.

The Future of the Prestwick Spaceport

It’s no secret that once complete; it will be a crucial launch pad for rockets carrying astronauts. Apart from such missions, customers will also launch satellites and engage in microgravity flights. Additionally, this UK spaceport intends to welcome visitors from across the world with an interest in space. Furthermore, it  will have a hub where space industry innovation is the main focus. 

Speaking about what the Prestwick spaceport means to the region and the country, Ian Annet from the UK Space Agency emphasized its importance. The UK launch site will see an increase in jobs and significantly boost both local and national economies. 

The UK will also be among the top in the space industry that is flourishing in the space race. Funding for the Prestwick spaceport is threefold, with part of it being from the UK government, Ayrshire Council, and the Scottish Government. 

After four years of planning to get this UK launch site underway, now it’s within reach and brings hope for the region. After its establishment, specialized skills will flock to the area, boosting local businesses. Additionally, Europe and other areas will also be able to use Prestwick spaceport to launch small satellites from this revolutionary new spaceport.

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