Simorgh Rocket Launch Fails with Three Payloads Aboard

7th Jan 2022
Simorgh Rocket Launch Fails with Three Payloads Aboard

The Simorgh rocket launch was still classed as a failure, even if the actual Simorgh rocket launch has been announced as a success. Back in 2009, Iran successfully launched their first satellite by using the Safir rocket, which deployed the Omid satellite into the Earth’s low orbit. The Safir didn’t have an increased payload capacity, yet it was just enough for Iran to place its first small satellites into the planet’s orbit. Omid is a descendant of the Scud (Soviet R-17 missiles) and derived from the well-known Shahab-3 missile. Simorgh succeeded Safir and is similar in design to the Unha rocket from North Korea. It can’t be said now if the Simorgh rocket failure had anything to do with the rocket’s design.

The Simorgh rocket launch announced on Iran’s National Space Technology Day

The Simorgh rocket launch and project were announced when Iran was celebrating in 2010, the first day dedicated to space technology. The National Space Technology day takes place on the same date when Omid was first launched. The maiden suborbital flight of the rocket took place in 2016. It’s not clear just how many launches Simorgh has had so far, but the latest Simorgh rocket launch was a failure once again. This means Simorgh still needs some more time to reach orbit.

It seems the Simorgh rocket failure comes after a series of flights that have taken place in July 2017, January 2019, and February 2020. A US defence spokesman said there was another failed launch in June 2020. Then, signs appeared that at least another try for a launch took place on 24th June. Since Iran didn’t acknowledge any of these launch failures, it’s difficult to say which of them was a Simorgh rocket failure and which wasn’t.

There’s no way of knowing if the Simorgh three payloads were satellites. Iran’s launches came without being announced. Iranian media doesn’t agree with the term of Simorgh rocket failure that much, yet it doesn’t contradict it either.

Simorgh rocket slightly short of reaching orbit

Discussing the Simorgh rocket launch from Thursday, the media in Iran claims their nation’s rocket was successful, as it reached a 470 kilometres altitude at 7.35 km/second velocity.

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