Shetland Space Centre Plans to Open Munich Office to Get a Share of the European Space Industry

5th Oct 2020
Shetland Space Centre Plans to Open Munich Office to Get a Share of the European Space Industry

The Shetland Space Centre is seeking to take advantage of the rapidly expanding space industry in Europe. A deal was recently signed at their head office located in the UK’s most northerly island to establish a European subdivision.

The proposed office will handle sales while serving at the epicentre of operations in the Bavarian state of Germany, a happy hunting ground for astronomical activity. They hope to stifle competition from current big players, the Norwegian and Swedish sectors.

What the Project Will Do

The Shetland Space Centre project’s scope includes building a spaceport to feature several launching facilities at Lamba Ness. Some of the objects you can expect at the Munich base are mobile stations for tracking, and a launch pad complex, among others.

Once the Munich project is completed, the sales office will approach significant players to work with Shetland. The Chief executive of the company, Frank Strang, formally invited all vital operators in the European space sector to utilize the products and services offered by their subsidiary company.

And Robin Huber has been promoting the plan for Shetland Space Centre to the shareholders and the Bavarian authorities. He has been appointed by SSC to manage operations in Munich.

Institutions of higher learning also have an opportunity to work alongside the company through the office in Munich. Schools provide fresh and high-quality human resources for the ever-growing space programs. The organization is looking to partner with local universities, such as the Technical University of Munich, to that effect.

The ultimate vision of Shetland Space Centre is to boost space ventures all over Europe. They are set to begin in Germany and quickly expand their services to France. All based from the office in Munich.

Other than the vertical launch spaceport, at Saxa Vord, Shetland plans to establish a centre to monitor launches and range control. To enable this, they will be constructing an access road located on the northern side of the island.

To boost the project’s success, following the first round of public consultations held in May, the Shetland Space Centre will have another one from the 13th to the 15th of October.

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