UK Space Hubs and UK Spaceports Can Now Benefit Even More from Government Support and Funding

24th Nov 2020
UK Space Hubs and UK Spaceports Can Now Benefit Even More from Government Support and Funding

The UK government is serious about helping the UK space industry grow to the next level through additional support. UK space hubs now have the ear of the government and now these hubs can rely on government funding for their projects. 

Why is government funding so crucial to UK space hubs? Well, it makes it possible to bring together all stakeholders from each area to come up with better strategies. Not only that, each location gets to consolidate ideas on how to utilise the opportunity to the maximum. 

UK spaceports will change the surrounding economies by creating jobs and drumming up business for local economies. With that in mind, bringing together local stakeholders in all UK space hubs is a crucial move. 

Most UK space hubs have observed the growth and success of other areas such as Harwell which was set up a decade ago. By emulating the success, these hubs can take full advantage of the new situations. Also, UK spaceports are bound to spark the interest of numerous international companies. 

The Future of UK Space Hubs

As the government gears up to fund UK Space Hubs, seven areas will benefit. They include West Midlands and North West to boost economic growth across the country through the space industry. 

The future of UK space hubs is brighter than ever since the government is entirely behind the space industry. UK spaceports will impact the economy in significant ways, which has been evident in the last decade. Now the industry employs more than 40,000 people across the UK and contributes over £10 billion to the national economy. 

With more UK spaceports and hubs being constructed, the numbers will only get higher and impact many other industries. Already major ports are getting more interest from tech companies who want to relocate. With the expansion of the industry, the whole country can reap the thriving space industry’s fruits. 

The UK space hubs are bound to be revolutionary with many more innovations that benefit the country. Currently, the industry has shown incredible capabilities to survive beyond the pandemic. With government funding, more UK space hubs can help the economy to thrive. 

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