Ecometrica’s Mapping Platform to Power Spirax Sarco Risk Assessment

9th Jul 2021
Ecometrica’s Mapping Platform to Power Spirax Sarco Risk Assessment

Spirax Sarco, one of the world leaders in providing industrial steam solutions, has engaged the services of Ecometrica’s Mapping Platform to help provide an accurate risk assessment of climate resilience for some of the firm’s manufacturing sites around the globe. Spirax Sarco is seeking to gain a better understanding of its exposure to the effects of climate change. To this end, it’s chosen Ecometrica’s innovative solution to help gain a comprehensive insight into the situation.

Real-Time Risk Assessment with Ecometrica’s Mapping Platform

Spirax Sarco offers world-leading steam technology, with applications across a multitude of different industries that can take advantage of thermal energy and pumping applications. Ecometrica’s Mapping Platform provides a full toolset of features for firms to assess the impact of climate change on their commercial activity. Data is harvested from a variety of sources, including satellite observation platforms, to help build up an accurate profile of a company’s exposure. This data is then processed through sophisticated climate modelling so that a firm can understand how changes in climate indices like temperature and humidity can affect their operations.

Cause and Effect Simplified

Ecometrica’s Mapping Platform has an exciting feature set that can offer actionable insight to businesses, governments, investors, and researchers. The company hopes that many more organisations can utilise their tools to help improve their understanding of the effects of climate change. This can lead to more sustainable business practices and more resilient commercial processes. With more companies like Spirax Sarco using Ecometrica’s Mapping Platform to empower their business, it may be possible for more companies to mitigate against both the causes and effects of climate change.

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