Ecometrica develops environmental data platform to promote sustainable agriculture

19th Jun 2021
Ecometrica develops environmental data platform to promote sustainable agriculture

Lewis Rattray, Ecometrica’s consultant and Frontierra’s founder, highlighted science data projects’ importance for sustainable agriculture in Mexico and Latin America after adopting satellite mapping, cloud service, and other technologies.

Ecometrica’s Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture’s sustainability has become a fundamental issue for organisations, companies, and producers, given the growing concern for the environment and agricultural supply chains with no deforestation, he explained.

In response, Ecometrica has developed a cloud geographic information platform, vital for sustainable agriculture, with data provided by satellite images. It is called Forests 2020 and is considered one of the UK Space Agency’s biggest projects. Such an analysis system allows farmers to monitor plantations prone to non-compliance with environmental agreements based on mapping information.

Forests 2020 by Ecometrica: Benefits and Operation

Forests 2020 project makes advanced use of satellite technology and is a part of the International Partnerships Programme (IPP), which purpose is to protect and restore 300 million hectares of tropical forests. Furthermore, countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ghana, Kenya, and Belize have joined the UK-led project using technology run by Ecometrica.

The platform features a business intelligence model that enables growers and farmers to analyse supply chain trends. Besides, it provides metadata, including each crop’s year, for greater insight into the agricultural market by employing data science technology and cloud services.

Data science technology in agricultural activity is associated with significant benefits, especially for producers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, Forests 2020 presents a geographic system with information on farms, crops, and locality that farmers with Internet access can review to avoid field visits and save time and costs.

Rattray said the proposed UK import bill required that any agricultural product imported into Latin America not be grown under deforested conditions. Therefore, thanks to the monitoring service it offers for forests, erosion, and land use on farms, Frontierra’s services and the Ecometrica platform are crucial to developing sustainable agriculture in Mexico.

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