Orbex Space Affirms its Continuing Relationship with Space Hub Sutherland

2nd Nov 2020
Orbex Space Affirms its Continuing Relationship with  Space Hub Sutherland

Sutherland spaceport can now rest easy knowing Orbex Space is entirely on board to launch from their spaceport. The news comes when the Space Hub Sutherland site found themselves in need of a company that stresses their lasting commitment. Particularly in light of recent news from Shetland Space Centre that one company has already exited the Sutherland spaceport.

Orbex is one of the UK companies that will benefit from launching vertical satellites soon. These are planned to take place at the launch site, which has been predicted to cost €17.3 million to construct. 

Despite the site having planning permission, there’s no sign of the company immediately beginning construction on the project. The idea for this spaceport is in light of the UK’s immense growth opportunity in the space industry and the continued need for new launch sites that the country has when it comes to its space mission. 

Orbex has let the world know that Space Hub Sutherland is the ideal site for launches since it meets all their requirements. Besides, it’s the ideal location for their LV (Launch Vehicle). 

The company has made significant contributions to the plans for the launch site, which now has the necessary approval. This gives them more confidence in the area and certainly the company is now hoping for the success of all their future launches into space. 

What’s Next

Sutherland spaceport is waiting for the Scottish Land Court to grant its final permit. After that, construction will commence in 2021, even though there’s no set starting date so far. However, the company hopes to carry out their first launch from the newly built site in 2022. 

What makes the company stand out from the rest is that they are using smaller, reusable launch systems built within the EU. With that in mind, the systems will apparently reduce 90% of the subsequent CO2 emissions from the launch, making them more environmentally friendly. 

Now that Orbex is the sole company now confirmed to launch from Space Hub Sutherland, it can only focus on missions impacting the UK. Their goal is only to use local technology and follow the UK regulations. 

The company has set up a manufacturing plant in Forres for its LV’s. The facility has led to the realization of the industry’s immense opportunities to offer to the region and country. It’s important to point out that this could lead to tremendous technological advancements and a wide variety of jobs will be created in the area. 

With the backing of the UK Space Agency, the company continues to use the launch site.

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