Guarding the Planet: Earth Observing Satellite Companies in Europe

7th Jun 2021
Guarding the Planet: Earth Observing Satellite Companies in Europe

Earth observation satellites are the second most active spacecraft type in Earth orbit, and the demand for satellite companies and their products continues to grow. Hundreds of small satellites, equipped with radar and optical tools, monitor the state of our planet, changes in its landscape, water resources, atmospheric composition, flora, air mass movement, as well as infrastructure facilities, and underground communications.

Even though the EU closes the four world leaders in space exploration after the USA, China and Russia, over 200 European companies provide Remote Sensing services. Thanks to these satellite makers, governments, scientific organisations, and private companies can improve people’s lives and address various safety concerns.

Remote Sensing companies and satellite suppliers are developing cloud platforms and other software to collect and process satellite data, analyse it, and provide measurement results. Experts consult the clients on using their product and resolve any geoinformation issues. Here are the top examples of Earth Observation companies in Europe.

Ecometrica: One of the top UK satellite companies   

Scottish satellite company Ecometrica has operated in the Remote Sensing market since 2008. As one of the top earth observation companies, it strives to preserve and improve our planet’s ecology. This satellite company is why it is engaged in:

  • Monitoring the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
  • Monitoring water resources.
  • Accounting for waste and emissions.
  • Visualisation and description of land-use change.
  • Monitoring forest areas.
  • Monitoring climate change.

Thanks to Ecometrica, many scientific and government organisations, as well as businesses, can assess risks and adjust their strategies for future activities. The company’s services are in demand in Europe and worldwide, which is why Ecometrica offices are located in Montreal, Edinburgh, Boston, and London.

Consortis (Greece)

The Greek satellite company Consortis provides information services and technologies in the following industries:

  • architecture;
  • land management;
  • environment
  • transport sector;
  • spatial planning and development;
  • environmental engineering;
  • water resources management;
  • hydraulic engineering;
  • landscape design.

As one of the leading satellite makers, this company develops and implements a number of energy-saving solutions. What’s even more important, it controls all stages of the service.

MapTailor (Germany) 

MapTailor is one of the top satellite makers and a reliable assistant to Germany’s agricultural industry. As one of the leading satellite suppliers, this firm uses space data to monitor and assess large landscapes or separate fields. Data on land and water resources conditions help carry out agricultural projects, gather rich harvests, and optimise supply logistics.

Like Ecometrica, MapTailor educates its customers on using data the company provides. The company also offers consulting services to international development agencies, businesses, and government organisations.

The list of earth observation companies can go on for pages, but all satellite suppliers are worth the attention since they significantly contribute to the Earth’s safety. With these satellite companies, one can stay confident about our planet’s future.

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