HyImpulse Technologies Successfully Tests its Engine at Shetland Space Centre

30th May 2021
HyImpulse Technologies Successfully Tests its Engine at Shetland Space Centre

German rocket manufacturer, HyImpulse Technologies, completes a successful rocket engine test series from Shetland Space Centre. The company has thanked the facility management and suppliers for their professionalism and extended support through HyImpulse Technologies testing.

HyImpulse Technologies on Rocket Engine Test Series

As HyImpulse CEO, Mario Kobald, stated, the company has conducted a series of both long and short rocket engine tests. Right now, this company is working on a hybrid engine technology that uses solid fuel. According to Mr. Kobald, this fuel is practically candle wax. It is affordable, easy to handle, and safe to transport. HyImpulse Technologies uses a liquid oxidiser only once to heat the engine oil up. The company CEO specifically mentions the support of several companies, including Ocean Kinetics and Streamline. This July, HyImpulse should go on with another series of rocket launch tests and hopes to carry out their first rocket launch this autumn.

Shetland Space Centre on the Success of German Rocket Maker

Shetland Space Centre representatives are also excited about this collaboration opportunity and great rocket engine test results. Shetland CEO, Frank Strang, says that the last few weeks have been very exciting for the facility and adds that successful rocket engine tests marked a very important milestone in Shetland Space Centre’s development.

Right now, the first vertical launch from the facility is scheduled for 2022. Besides HyImpulse Technologies, Shetland partners up with other international rocket companies, particularly Lockheed Martin. Shetland Space Centre is confident that the next year will become a turning point in the UK spaceport development.

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