Scottish Space Sector Can Become Home to US Spy Radar Base

26th Jul 2021
Scottish Space Sector Can Become Home to US Spy Radar Base

Scottish space sector can become home to a US spy base aimed at deep probing space and protecting satellites from any malicious attacks. Right now, the US Air Force plans to build three radar bases around the globe to monitor active satellites. Besides ensuring satellite safety from potentially aggressive countries like Russia and China, the station will track space debris to prevent accidental collisions with active spacecraft.

The importance of radar base and satellite protection

According to US Air Force representative Lieutenant Colonel Jack Walker, satellites play a crucial part in our lives, even though few people pause to think about it. We rely on satellites for a variety of daily tasks, from GPS navigation to making bank transfers. Should a military conflict arise, the aggressor country would most likely target space infrastructure because the consequences on the ground would be devastating, interfering with various routine operations.

The head of Royal Air Force Mike Wigston shares these concerns, stating that some countries are already developing lasers that can shut down operational spacecraft. Besides, it is always possible to create hostile satellites and deliberately move them in the path of other spacecraft. Sir Wigston believes that in case of a military conflict, the countries would target space infrastructure first. At the same time, he stresses that a potential ‘space war’ will be nothing like Star Wars with lasers shooting in space.

Why the Scottish space sector?

The Scottish space sector is developing rapidly, and soon enough, the country should become home to several UK spaceports. Besides Scottish space, the US Air Force plans two more radar stations in Texas and Australia. A combination of these locations should ensure proper coverage for satellite monitoring, and the Scottish space industry will have a large part to play in protecting global space infrastructure.

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