People in Space: Frank Strang

2nd Sep 2021
People in Space: Frank Strang

The Chief Executive Officer of Shetland Space Centre (Saxa Vord Spaceport), Frank Strang, has had a string of businesses in the Shetland Isles including Shetland Facilities Management, which provided accommodation for offshore workers on the Saxa Vord resort – also owned by Strang.

Frank Strang and controversies

Mr. Strang has found himself the subject of some controversial news articles including a number of very high profile revelations that one of the “investments” that he boasted about was nothing of the sort and was in fact an exchange of shares with an “investment entity” that had just been subject to a warning from the Financial Conduct Authority. The Shetland Space Centre recently “bought back” those shares for a nominal sum.

Strang courted further controversy when he liquidated the Shetland FM company and transferred a £600k loan from Highlands and Islands Enterprise into his other business, Saxa Vord Ltd. Which he promised to pay back when Scottish newspaper, Daily Record, approached him about the story.

Frank Strang is a former RAF pilot.

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