Shetland Space Centre Secures a German Manufacturer for Upcoming Rocket Launches

15th Feb 2021
Shetland Space Centre Secures a German Manufacturer for Upcoming Rocket Launches

Shetland Space Centre secures a new client for upcoming rocket launches from Unst. German rocket manufacturer HyImpulse Technologies has recently announced its plans to use the Scottish launch site. If everything goes according to plan, the first German suborbital rockets can launch from Scotland in 2023. 

Shetland Space Centre as a European Launch Site

Even though Shetland Space Centre is not yet operational, it has already secured a number of “letters of intent” with new clients. German manufacturer HyImpulse Technologies is among Shetland’s early-bird clients. Like many other aerospace companies today, HyImpulse Technologies has passed environmental tests for its hybrid fuel technology. 

Company Co-CEO Christian Schmierer states that they have signed intention letters with several customers interested in payload deliveries. So, it was vital to secure a launch site as well. In this regard, Shetland Space Centre is the perfect launch site as it ensures reliable access to space and a wide array of highly flexible flight routes. In addition to this statement, CEO Mario Kobald noted that their green engine technology would emphasize social and environmental responsibilities, vital for the area. 

Frank Strang, Shetland Space Centre CEO, is also optimistic about this collaboration opportunity. He mentions that Shetland may be located in Scotland but remains international in its essence. That is why the entire team is excited about how the negotiations with the German prospects culminated. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many business operations, which is why it is so important to engage international partners for upcoming rocket launches from Shetland Space Centre. 

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