Gilmour Space Technologies Signs MoU with Warfare Company DEWC Systems

18th May 2021
Gilmour Space Technologies Signs MoU with Warfare Company DEWC Systems

Gilmour Space Technologies, Low earth orbit (LEO) satellite manufacturer, keeps up with its lucky streak of making new technology partners. This April, the company signed a new deal with DEWC Systems, an electronic warfare sensor company. Two weeks before that, Gilmour Space entered another agreement with an optical company, ASX: EOS.

Gilmour Space Technologies & Its Rapid Tech Progress

Gilmour Space has been actively making new partners and increasing its staff. By the end of last year, Gilmour’s team has grown from 45 to 70, and by the end of 2021, the company plans to employ a total of 120 people.

Gilmour’s latest achievement is signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with DEWC Systems. The agreement implies launching DEWC’s warfare sensor with Gilmour Space’s satellites.

Both Australian companies have proven experience in their niche industries. Since 2018, DEWC has been successfully working on military and defence technologies. The success is perfectly justified as DEWC is 100% veteran-owned and operated.

According to Adam Gilmour, founder and CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies, defence is not just about ‘blowing things up.’ It is also about radio signals. Gilmour adds that his company is committed to developing LEO launch and satellite platform that will serve DEWC primary goals – Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Electronic Warfare.

The companies agreed to start working on a 3U platform, accommodating 80-100 kg satellite prototypes.

Earlier in April, Gilmour Space signed another MoU – this time, with EOS’ SpaceLink, a company working on informational highways and space network solutions.

According to its CEO, Gilmour Space Technologies is now finalising another round of investment and is very optimistic about getting more federal funds for the company’s growth and development.

Modern Manufacturing Initiative has a $240 million space budget, and since Gilmour Space Technologies is a proven space manufacturer, the company could be entitled to some of those funds.

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