The Ecometrica Homeworker Model is Better than Ever

27th Mar 2021
The Ecometrica Homeworker Model is Better than Ever

For more than 10 years, Ecometrica has been at the forefront, assisting numerous clients in calculating emissions when working from home. Until 2020, many companies tried out work from home as part of their schedules but not as a permanent situation. 

However, the global pandemic expedited the situation and had millions of people staying and working from home full-time. The Ecometrica methodology is now taking on much more data in regards to home working. 

Multiple companies have shifted a large chunk of their operations to be carried out from home and closed-off office spaces. Meetings are held online, and only a small premise is maintained in some cases. 

2020 saw strict restrictions implemented with stay-at-home-orders and lockdowns in several different parts of the world. With such measures, companies have little choice but to find ways to incorporate working from home. It’s now led to higher Ecometrica calculations in regards to emissions by this shifting workforce. 

Location-specific home worker emissions rose after many countries shut down with more people consuming energy. Ecometrica has risen to the occasion by upgrading its base model that calculates the total additional energy required. 

Ecometrica Upgraded Model Incorporating Larger Home Working Force

Now more than ever, there’s a shift in the norm, and more people are working from home. The change has led to an increased demand for energy by this workforce. With that in mind, the new Ecometrica homeworker model considers the rising demand and adds it to conditioning data from residential data. 

The calculations also include emissions, and it’s all conducted from one country to the next in a systematic manner. It’s easy to note the change in the Ecometrica homeworker model since they only dealt with 16 countries before 2020. 

However, the global pandemic has forced them to increase capacity and cover more countries than ever together with the 26 US e-Grid regions. The summer of 2020 was the eye-opener when many parts of the world were shut down. It became apparent that the model deeded scaling up at a rapid pace. 

The model can provide a global database that gives its clients a chance to note emissions rates in their countries due to homeworking. Today, the Ecometrica homeworker project operates on a larger scale and is more reliable than ever. 

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