Ecometrica and FEMEXPALMA Join to Support the Sustainable Growth of Mexican Palm Oil Industry

13th Mar 2021
Ecometrica and FEMEXPALMA Join to Support the Sustainable Growth of Mexican Palm Oil Industry

The UK Space Agency IPP (International Partnership Programme) has joined hands with Ecometrica. The two want to use satellites to maintain the production of Mexican palm oil. The announcement of FEMEXPALMA collaborating with IPP will ensure long-term sustainability through proper land use in the area. 

FEMEXPALMA is the association of Mexican palm oil producers who look forward to using the project to keep an eye on biodiversity and forests critical to their industry. 

2020 was a great year globally for palm oil production, with many farmers achieving great results. However, there are lots of concerns about the long-term impact of the industry. Here is where the UK comes in to play a significant role in climate action through financing crucial projects worldwide, such as Ecometricas. 

The UK is running a 2020 Forests project through Ecometrica and is in line with the agenda that FEMEXPALMA has for its future. Ecometrica is a leader in all matters involving the environment and has a close working relationship with different Mexican institutions. The goal is to facilitate monitoring of the environment and forests in the country using satellites. 

Once the project brings forth crucial insight, the goal is to harness it with data from ECOSUR (El Colegio de la Frontera Sur). With this crucial information, next is the deployment of the FEMEXPALMA system on the mapping platform provided by Ecometrica. At the same time, all necessary support will be from technicians at Frontierra, Mexico. 

Ecometrica’s Mission of Developing a Sustainable Palm Oil Industry in Mexico

The Executive President of FEMEXPALMA, Jose Luis Perez Vazquez Aldana, explained that the organization remains committed to creating a more sustainable and long-lasting palm oil industry in the country. However, this has to go hand in hand with maintaining forests and biodiversity, which is crucial to Mexico. 

He added that the best way to see this come to fruition is working with essential partners to develop monitoring systems that work effectively. Thus working with Ecometrica is the best action to take since it’s the global platform technology leader. Doing so sets the industry up for maximum growth while taking care of the environment. 

On the other hand, the IPP head of International Relations at UKSA, Liz Cox, showed full support of the Ecometrica and FEMEXPALMA project, proving the Forests 2020 Programme is working. 

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