ULA is Dissatisfied with its Partnership with Blue Origin Due to Rocket Engine Development Delay

17th Jul 2021
ULA Atlas

United Launch Alliance (ULA) is experiencing tough times due to rocket engine delays. The company expressed its frustrations with the Jeff Bezos enterprise in a detailed report.

Blue Origin is manufacturing two engines for ULA that it will use on the Vulcan spacecraft. All this is part of the company’s 2022 plan to launch a rocket to space. However, the delay evokes many worries about the future.

The relationship between the two partners is turning sour, as detailed in the Ars Technica report. The ULA Vulcan craft is a two-stage vehicle meant to deliver US Space Force satellites to orbit.

But the delay had brought about many concerns. The company notes that Blue Origin might be focusing on other matters hence the engine development delays.

Industry Source Reveals Growing Concern at ULA

According to an industry source, Tory Bruno, CEO of ULA, opts to keep his concern out of the public eye. Another source suggests it might be a tactic to protect Blue Origin. So far, he hasn’t made any critical statements about the company, which would equate to throwing it under the bus.

Previously, Bruno stated the company was planning a launch in 2021 but later pushed the event to 2022. The partnership between Blue Origin and ULA began in 2014 with the intent of manufacturing the rocket engines.

Yet another source stated that the company was dissatisfied with the way the partnership was going. But it had no choice rather than to make the relationship with Blue Origin work.

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