Clyde Space from Glasgow to Manufacture 10 New Small Satellites for ESA

9th Dec 2020
Clyde Space from Glasgow to Manufacture 10 New Small Satellites for ESA

Clyde is renowned as one of the world’s top manufacturing companies for small satellites of varying weights. Customers can have satellites as small as 1kg built, and the size doesn’t ever exceed 50kg. In addition to satellite production, the companies offer its customers all services involving the sats. 

After customers purchase payload onboard rockets, Clyde can help design a mission, launch, and operate them. Also, there’s data relaying to numerous other entities involved in the space industry, including NASA, ESA, and many more stakeholders. Now the ten rockets underway are set in a project that’ll last for three years. 

xSpancion, the project’s name, is set to revolutionize the industry by making satellites that will form a constellation in orbit. Upon reaching space, companies can utilize them for purposes such as communication and observing the earth. 

Purpose of the 10 New Satellites

While the general purpose includes earth observation, this new satellite constellation is critical for many businesses. Many companies now have space interests, which results in specific data needs that these satellites can meet. Without needing to venture into space, they can receive the data required from the constellation. 

As part of the project’s collaborative aspect, universities such as Strathclyde are joining the team together with D-Orbit UK. All the effort is necessary to create and manufacture top quality satellites in the intended time frame. 

Furthermore, the industry stands to benefit from Clyde’s top-notch technology, which is the leading manufacturer. The constellation will include communication satellites that can send data between themselves. This will assist in data transfer while boosting the standing of the UK space industry globally. 

Given the recent increase in demand for small satellites, production rates must be faster to meet the needs of businesses lining up to launch rockets. This explains the higher numbers of rockets with intent to launch them from the UK. 

To meet this project’s needs, Clyde received an investment from ESA thanks to its prowess in small craft manufacturing, among other qualifications. With that in mind, the satellites will help bring down the cost of operations as they will be using remote sensors at the same time. Besides, businesses won’t have to wonder how to access space anymore once the ten satellites are ready and deployed.

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