Ecometrica and their Earth Observation Mission

30th Jan 2021
Ecometrica and their Earth Observation Mission

Ecometrica Earth observation platform obtains and processes information from space — something that has long ceased to be extraordinary or inaccessible. Today, thousands of satellites in orbit closely monitor the earth’s surface, scanning every inch of it, taking high-resolution photos and videos, and sending them to ground servers. To make information analysis and processing simple and accessible, companies create and maintain special platforms that work with satellite data. British Ecometrica is such a company.

Ecometrica’s Mission

Basic data is obtained not only from space but also from air and earth surface. Ecometrica believes that a timely analysis of all ongoing processes will help preserve our planet’s resources for future generations and perhaps, replenish them.

Ecometrica’s Platform for Earth Observation

Ecometrica Platform for Earth Observation integrates big data and transforms it into strategic information that can be quickly used by organizations and governments around the world. Government and commercial structures, as well as individuals and scientific institutions, actively use this application in various spheres of life. The latter include rapid response to natural disasters, commercial tracking of supply chains, and more.

Information is accessed through an intuitive web interface. It is designed to ensure easy interaction and quick analysis of complex data without special training or knowledge.

Furthermore, the Ecometrica platform combines Earth observation data from various sources. The latter may include free Sentinel-2, Landsat and MODIS optical data, high-resolution optical data, or Sentinel-1 radar.

To access the platform, one only needs a computer with an Internet connection. No special hardware or additional applications are needed.

SEOS: Project Improving Geo Data Quality

The company is currently working on the Scottish Earth Observation Service (SEOS) initiative to ensure the Ecometrica platform provides the most current and accurate data. This Scottish space project aims to improve the consistency, continuity, and volume of received data.

SEOS presupposes the development and promotion of Earth Observation applications in Scotland. Several geospatial service providers participate in this project. 

The SEOS implementation has the potential to increase the level of data provided. However, Ecometrica is not limited to just one project. Ecometrica Forests 2020 initiative, supported by the UK Space Agency, aims to save and restore 300 million hectares of rainforest. It is possible that soon, Ecometrica will have new projects in the works, aimed at improving Earth observation efficiency.

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