Scottish Space Industry Set to Benefit from a UK Space Agency Grant

8th Dec 2020

AstroAgency will receive the grant money from the UK Space Agency as it currently represents the interest of the SSCL (Scottish Space Leadership Council). Why has this company been chosen as the recipient? This company has years of experience as a marketing firm for the space industry, across the globe. 

As a representative of the SSCL, the agency got a grant from the UK government to set up a hub as part of Scotland’s space. The funds are an essential part of the UK astronomical industry as it seeks to develop the industry and grow Scottish space interests in the process. 

The money will enable this startup company to assist the SSCL to become a more formal entity. In doing so, the greater Scotland space gets a better footing in the industry. It shall accomplish this by promoting and connecting the Scottish space business, growing in leaps and bounds. 

AstroAgency is the Recipient of a Grant on Behalf of the SSCL for Scotland Space Industry

The startup has managed to gain interest not only in the UK but across the globe. It’s an outstanding achievement given that its founders are some of the best minds in the  industry. Currently, AstroAgency boasts of 12 employees since its inception. 

Amanda Solloway, the current UK Minister of Science, expounded more about the significance of this grant. Its greatest accomplishment will be bringing together leaders in different parts of the UK. Not to mention, they get all the tools required to drive their local commercial space businesses. 

She also emphasized the UK government’s commitment to make the country a leader in the space race by promoting Scotland’s interests in the industry. All the innovations from the Scottish industries will benefit the local and national economies immensely. 

History of the SSCL in Regards to Scotland’s Space Interests

The SSCL looks forward to formalisation, thanks to AstroAgency with this new grant. Set up in 2016, the SSCL has acted as a representative of the Scotland space community’s interests. Since its inception, it has managed to produce needed results and prove its ambitious nature. 

This organisation plays a critical role in the more significant industry. Also, it has great support from the local government that sees a bright future in Scotland’s space industry.

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