Ecometrica’s Space Projects: Ecometrica Platform

7th Dec 2020
Ecometrica’s Space Projects: Ecometrica Platform

Ecometrica Platform makes information more accessible

Ecometrica platform, designed by the same-name British company, monitors and analyses data from space, air, and Earth. Thanks to Ecometrica’s projects and developments, companies, businesses, and government organizations have easy access to useful information about the Earth, which helps address various challenges.

Ecometrica activities are based on the belief that it is necessary to preserve the Earth for future generations and, if possible, make our planet better.

Ecometrica Platform is the main development of the company. This is a comprehensive solution for providing access to structured information. This platform is applied in various areas, from tracking and responding to natural disasters to reporting and analyzing global supply chains. Specifically, the platform monitors over 300 million hectares of rainforest, covers over half a billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent, and assists some of the largest companies in managing global operations amid the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the company does not rest and continues expanding the scope of its space projects and platform capabilities.

SEOS: increasing the availability of space data in Scotland

The company is now actively working on the  Scottish Earth Observation Service (SEOS) initiative. This is one of those space projects aimed at creating and promoting Earth observation applications in Scotland.

This project includes increasing the consistency, continuity, volume, and value of geospatial content. This effect is achieved through a range of services aimed at solving environmental problems and land monitoring. The project provides services to public and private organisations in Scotland.

SEOS is being developed in partnership with other geospatial service providers. This collaboration is necessary for creating a comprehensive product that facilitates the monitoring of land assets through the Ecometrica Platform. A close connection to Scotland’s innovation space projects ecosystem allows the company to provide a conduit for new technologies and services as they enter the market.

The initiative is aimed at:

1. Commercial forestry – Provision of information packages for pre-screening of commercial forest areas. This will reduce the need for costly site surveys and manual assessments of various indicators such as tree height, timber volume, species, and productivity.

2. Health and productivity – Managing commercial plantations and re-forested areas will be easier with timely information. This will reduce the financial and time costs in forest management.

3. Customized high-resolution solutions The project collaborates with cutting-edge technology providers such as LiDAR. It allows obtaining high-resolution information where detail is necessary.

Today, such leading companies AGGREKO, CSA Group, Freshfields, Pearson, National Express, and IAM GOLD, are using Ecometrica services. In total, the company works with 411 institutions, and this is definitely not the limit.

SEOS is one of the first steps in improving the quality of the provided data. Ecometrica may expand the range and geography of its Earth monitoring and space projects in the future.

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