Ecometrica — the global leader of downstream space

8th Dec 2020
Ecometrica — the global leader of downstream space

British company Ecometrica is one of the world leaders in the downstream space niche. The company’s developments ensure easy access to geospatial data and its processing for useful purposes.

Downstream space consists of activities used to create an application, product, or service to benefit the European economy and society. These activities are based on space technologies or can use space systems in space or non-space environments. 

For 12 years of its existence, the company has achieved high results, and today, its products and services are used by businesses, public, and government organisations around the world.

Save the Earth and Make It Better: Company Mission

Ecometrica’s data is widely used for forest monitoring and protection, rapid response to natural disasters, software development, reporting, and global supply chain analytics.

Ecometrica works with both the public and private sectors. It combines machine learning and global innovation into a single product that provides a complete picture of rapidly changing information.

The company strives to preserve our planet’s natural resources for the next generations and, possibly, improve them. Ecometrica’s mission is based on this principle — to provide highly effective environmental monitoring solutions that help businesses, governments, and society manage our planet’s resources, thus increasing the ecological environment’s security and resilience to external factors.

Ecometrica service features 

Ecometrica’s service package is based on the company’s own web platform. It makes terabytes of raw satellite data sent to Earth readily available, which opens up endless applications for the end-user.

The Ecometrica platform is used to:

  • actively monitor 300+ million hectares of rainforest;
  • provide corporate sustainability monitoring services that cover over half a billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent;
  • help several global companies manage their operations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, the company’s developments greatly facilitate business and government tasks. Satellite mapping technology is used to protect 300 million hectares of rainforest through the Forests 2020 project. Ecometrica is managing this project under the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Program (IPP).

Ecometrica’s activities won the company a rightful spot among space industry leaders. The company hit TOP in Financial Times 1000, Deloitte Fast 500, FT Future 100, Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100, Inc Magazine 5000, and won the Environmental Leader of the Year award four times.

However, Ecometrica does not plan to stop at that. The company keeps working on technologies to improve the quality, availability, and efficiency of its services. After all, being a leader means leading by example, which is where Ecometrica excels. 

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