Rocket Lab’s LaunchPad To Be Used To Send Off Two Of Unseenlab’s Nano-satellites, BRO-2 and BR0-3

12th Nov 2020
Rocket Lab’s LaunchPad To Be Used To Send Off Two Of Unseenlab’s Nano-satellites, BRO-2 and BR0-3

Unseenlabs, a French company started by two engineers, will be carrying out a project of two nano-satellite launches. The two nano-satellites are the BRO-2 and the BRO-3, and the duo will be launched at the Rocket Lab launch pad in New Zealand, the Mahia Peninsula.

The BRO-1 was successfully launched back in 2019, with the next two happening at the Rocket Lab’s station, forecasted to take the same successful route. When the two nano-satellite launches open-handedly pan out, it will start a deployment plan by the company’s assemblage. This constellation is presumed to have about twenty to twenty-five nano-satellites within about five years.

About Unseenlabs and their Nano-Satellite Launches

This company was created in 2015 and they are currently one of the top leaders in RF geolocation satellites in Europe. The technology they have is exceptional as it authorizes the governing body to pinpoint ships while they are in transit and the commendable part is that they can do this using only one nano-satellite. 

So far, multiple companies are being used to locate their vessels, however that is not all. Many other illegal matters such as restricted fishing and pirating in the international waters are on their watch list too. They are, for sure, the kings of the sea.

Unseenlabs is the only company in the industry that has meticulously managed to build such a sophisticated system that locates ships in transit using one satellite. The previous working model had signals bouncing off several satellites to triangulate the location of the vessel. Their new satellite will delve into making this tech more reinforced and to offer a wider variety of services to several more companies.

This invention could not have come at a better time since there is an apparent upsurge in profit-oriented commerce at sea and this gives rise to the need for safeguarding the waters and its inhabitants in order to preserve it for future use. There is then also a great need to fight unregulated fishing activities, plus locating all the vessels at sea.

The brains behind the nano-satellites that will be launched by Rocket Lab are two brothers, who are also both aerospace engineers, Jonathan and Clement Galic. So far, their company has an excellent track record of ship locating.

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