Flight VV16 Successfully Launched from Guiana Space Centre

10th Nov 2020
Flight VV16 Successfully Launched from Guiana Space Centre

This September, after a series of failed attempts, the small satellite launch was set to take flight from the French Guiana Space Centre this September. Arianespace, the managing company, has undergone tremendous improvements to better its small satellite launch business. These innovations are to cover both institutions and other commercial businesses.

When was the Launch?

The Vega Flight VV16 was scheduled to resume operations by taking off between September 1 and September 4 at the Vega Launch Complex in Kourou, France. The weather forecast for this time frame showed that the small satellite launch will be successful. All constants considered, the probability for a triumphant liftoff stood at 90%. The rocket successfully launched on September 2, releasing 50 plus satellites into orbit.

The small satellite launch payloads on Flight VV16 will have to achieve several functions while in orbit. They are designed to observe the earth, aid telecommunications, education, tech, and space science.

Arianespace’s Plan

The company plans to have a total of 53 projects for twenty-one different clients. It will be done for the Small Spacecraft Mission Service on the Proof of Concept launch.

The payloads weigh between 1 kilogram and half a ton. The collective take-off was aimed to lower the costs incurred when each small satellite launch project is done individually. Avio and the European Space Agency (ESA) are on board with this plan.

Avio developed the probe dispenser, which is ESA’s product, and it was created by SAB Aerospace s.r.o, a Czech company.

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